HYDROFLEX – Men’s Dive Shorty 3mm

HYDROFLEX – Men’s Dive Shorty 3mm


  • Environmentally friendly features: 3mm high quality non-petroleum-based neoprene uses a PAH free formula
  • Flatlock stitching for comfort against bare skin
  • V-shaped collar for better comfort
  • Laminated chest panel for wind and abrasion resistance
  • Printed design on the shoulders to protect against abrasion from the BC
  • Loop on the zipper for ease of opening and closing


When a little extra warmth is all you need, stay comfortable and protected with the HydroFlex 3mm Shorty. This wetsuit is ideal for scuba or snorkeling. The coral-reef inspired colors and stylish graphics are the perfect compliment to the rest of your Aqualung products.


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