There are four kinds of reefs. We have patch reefs, atolls, barrier reefs and fringing reefs. We have fringing reefs in the Red Sea.

A fringing reef grows seaward, directly from the shore. Fringing reefs form borders along the shoreline and surrounding islands. They are separated from the shore by narrow, shallow lagoons. Fringing reefs are the most common type of reef that we see.

Corals look like organic plants, but in essence they are cup-shaped animal organisms. They depend on plankton and microscopic algae as food.

There are hard corals and soft corals? Hard corals are like the material classroom chalk is made of. They grow very slowly, like only one mtr(3 ft) in hundred years. Soft coral like colourful plants and small trees.

Coral reefs are very fragile. Please be careful. The slightest accidental touch from snorkelers and divers may result in breaking down 100 years of coral polyp growth.

The Red Sea produces the most beautiful and colourful coral species. It’s real fun trying to identify them.