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How you will help protect coral reefs with us ?

Many of us use sunscreen to prevent the harmful sun rays, but did you know that these sunscreen have an active ingredient in them that is harmful to coral reefs and marine life?
We recommend using “Reef Safe” sunscreen, because it is safe on coral reefs and has no chemicals that affect coral reefs and marine life, and if you haven’t one of it ,
It’s available for Sell on our board the boat , if you wanted.

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Red Sea Coral Reef

Corals look like organic plants, but in essence they are cup-shaped animal organisms. They depend on plankton and microscopic algae as food.

There are hard corals and soft corals? Hard corals are like the material classroom chalk is made of. They grow very slowly, like only one mtr(3 ft) in hundred years. Soft coral like colourful plants and small trees.