Why choose this route?

On Board Yoga & Meditation

Performing yoga requires a sense of calm and awareness. It’s what helps your yoga session feels great. You can reach this fused state of mind, supported by the soothing and lulling sound of the gentle Red Sea breeze and by the relaxing effect of softly rippling and rolling waves.

4Ever Sea provides a fine get-away from the discomfort of every day’s stress. Enjoy sunrise and sunset kundalina or vinyasa yoga sessions or meditation seances on board of our luxury yacht MY 4Ever Sea.

With the mild wind blowing over the open sundeck, you come to realize how you become one and in balance with nature. Benefit from the fresh and mint Red Sea air during your yoga routines and meditation settings and feel your energy level rising on the MY 4Ever Sea!

Swimming with dolphins is two or three times a day, you will meet dolphins face to face and swim with them all week if we find them there.

You will be nothing short of relaxation and mental fitness on the MY 4Ever Sea with:

  • 12 En-Suite Double Cabins With Climate Control
  • Air-Conditioned Salons
  • Saloon & Deck Bar
  • TV/Video/DVD/CD Console
  • Spacious Sundecks



Cruising and sailing to diving and snorkeling sites is subject to weather and water conditions, the granting of authority permits and approval form governmental bodies.

Shaab Sataya/Dolphin Reef



Shaab Sataya, also goes by the name of Dolphin Reef. It is your prime option to spot the friendly animals in the wild. It has the shape of a banana or a crescent and shelters a large pod of spinner dolphins. Sometimes you can hear the dolphins ‘cry’ with their high-pitched sounds and whistles. Always bear in mind that dolphins are wild animals. They are not like your house pets. They don’t appear in command. Therefore, sightings or encounters cannot be 100% guaranteed.


Shaab Sataya has become the residence of turtles such as the green and Hawksbill turtles, the Red Sea pufferfish, the bi-colour parrotfish, the cube boxfish, the clearfin lionfish and the orangehead butterflyfish.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Soft corals
  • Red Sea pufferfish
  • Orangehead butterflyfish
  • Blue-spine unicornfish
  • Spinner dolphins
  • Bluespotted stingrays

Hamata Islands


The Hamata Islands are in an area called Qul’an Archipelago. They have become the home of turtles, clownfish, dolphins, rays and dugongs. Hamata is billed as the Egyptian Maldives, because of her sandy beaches. It has even become a bird sanctuary where ornithologists come to observe unique birds.


This is a remote liveaboard destination, tucked away as part of the Wadi El Gemal national park in the southern Red Sea. The marine life in the lagoons is spectacular.


You will appreciate the presence of giant sea turtles, the banded dascyllus,

the domino damselfish, the black-spotted pufferfish, the bi-coloured cleaner wrasse, the crown squirrelfish ad the blotcheye soldierfish. Photographers will have the time of their life with the fine collection of raspberry corals, bubble corals, brain corals and fire corals.



Aquatic Panorama

  • Brain corals
  • Bubble corals
  • Umbrella xenia
  • Crown squirrelfish
  • Scissortail sergeant
  • Domino damselfish
  • Whitetip sharks
  • Green turtles
  • Bluespotted stingrays

This price includes:

Snorkel & Yoga guides
7 nights full-board accommodation
Non-alcoholic beverages
Mask, fins, life jacket, weights
Local transfers

This price does not include:

Flights + visa
Surcharges (€60)
Alcoholic beverages
Crew Gratuities