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Shaab Sataya/Dolphin Reef


Shaab Sataya, also goes by the name of Dolphin Reef. It is your prime option to spot the friendly animals in the wild. It has the shape of a banana or a crescent and shelters a large pod of spinner dolphins. Sometimes you can hear the dolphins ‘cry’ with their high-pitched sounds and whistles. Always bear in mind that dolphins are wild animals. They are not like your house pets. They don’t appear in command. Therefore, sightings or encounters cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Shaab Sataya has become the residence of turtles such as the green and Hawksbill turtles, the Red Sea pufferfish, the bi-colour parrotfish, the cube boxfish, the clearfin lionfish and the orangehead butterflyfish.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Soft corals
  • Red Sea pufferfish
  • Orangehead butterflyfish
  • Blue-spine unicornfish
  • Spinner dolphins
  • Bluespotted stingrays
Shaab Claudio

Shaab Claudio


Site Position

Shaab Claudio, comfortably protected by the winds, is a fine destination with the Fury Shoals system. Here the penetrating and filtering sun rays are playing tricks with your mind. It is as if you are entering magical mystery rooms and galleries; such are the illuminating coral chambers. Its light effects are simply stunning! It does not take to much imagination to feel you are swimming through Emmenthaler cheese!


Shaab Claudio has become the playground for a plethora of fish species in each imaginable size, shape and colour!


The landscapes are fantastic coral garden, mountains of hard corals, the canyon where crystalline visibility and play of light are fascinating! Very rich, Claudia is home to nudibranch, yellowfin goatfish, triggerfish of all kinds, parrotfish, a multitude of schools of bannerfish, angelfish, snapper and nason but also napoleon and turtle.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Coral grottoes
  • Gorgonia
  • Steepheaded parrotfish
  • Humpback snappers
  • Picasso triggerfish
  • Longnose hawkfish
  • Whitetip reef shark

Abu Galawa Kebir


Site Position

It is the home of Abu Galawa “Surayar” reefs,

There is a small tugboat wreck on the north side of the reef, 18 meters below the surface.

The wreckage is in good condition and appears clearly with almost nothing missing from the foundation. Where there is crystal clear water helps to discover and examine all the small details of the wreck of Abu Galawa. Apart from the proverbial silver glass fish walls, you can discover many important things of the sunken locomotive such as motors, propellers, lamps and containers.

There is an abundance of huge coral reefs worth experiencing.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Soft Coral Trees
  • Table coral
  • Reef shark
  • Masked Puffer Fish
  • Moray eel
  • parrot fish

Hamata Islands


Site Position

The Hamata Islands are in an area called Qul’an Archipelago. They have become the home of turtles, clownfish, dolphins, rays and dugongs. Hamata is known for its incredible sand beaches. It has even become a bird sanctuary where ornithologists come to observe unique birds.


This is a remote liveaboard destination, tucked away as part of the Wadi El Gemal national park in the southern Red Sea. The marine life in the lagoons is spectacular.


You will appreciate the presence of giant sea turtles, the banded dascyllus,

the domino damselfish, the black-spotted pufferfish, the bi-coloured cleaner wrasse, the crown squirrelfish ad the blotcheye soldierfish. Photographers will have the time of their life with the fine collection of raspberry corals, bubble corals, brain corals and fire corals.

Aquatic Panorama

  • Brain corals
  • Bubble corals
  • Umbrella xenia
  • Crown squirrelfish
  • Scissortail sergeant
  • Domino damselfish
  • Whitetip sharks
  • Green turtles
  • Bluespotted stingrays

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Dive guides
7 nights full-board accommodation
Non-alcoholic beverages
3-4 dives per day (2-3 last day)
Tanks, weights
Local transfers

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Flights + visa
Surcharges (€60)
Rental Equipment
Alcoholic beverages
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