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We are dedicated and all yours to make your adventures in Egypt as pleasant and memorable as possible.
Please have a sneak peek on this site to get to know us a little better. We like what we do and it shows every day. Our goal is your satisfaction. We let our service do the talking, not our words. All we want is to make your day.
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Ever wanted to explore the Red Sea and learn how to capture your favorite moments?

Learn how to create stunning underwater videos & photos while diving with dolphins, exploring wrecks, caves and some of the most colorful corals in the whole world. Come join us in the Red Sea!

Yoga & Meditation

The gentle Red Sea breeze, the sound of rippling waves, the soothing meditation, the healing effect of kundalini or vinyasa yoga.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
Yoga relaxation on board during your liveaboard trip. Feel free to participate and book together with your multi-day trip!
Yoga on board is an excellent way to exercise and relax from everyday stress. Yoga requires a sense of calm and awareness, and this is what helps make your yoga session great.

Family Trips

You like to dive or snorkel with the company of your children.
You are more than welcome as a family on our elegant yacht MY 4Ever Sea.
We entertain your children on board while you dive or snorkel or we will take the kids in the water on a safe tour or a practice session.


Swimming with dolphins, Treatments in the water
Aquatic immersion in Sataya Bay, Egypt dolphin bay.


The Red Sea is your first choice kiting hotbed, offering the perfect blend of sun, sea, smooth water, beautiful beaches and ideal shore winds.
It has the best spots for both beginners and pro riders. Here’s when you can practice foil, speed, freestyle and freeride, feeling like gliding over crystal-clear waters.

Nile Cruises Luxor & Aswan

Discover Egypt by sailing The Nile.
A trip to Egypt isn’t really complete without a Nile cruise.
This …-day cruise from Luxor to Aswan will be an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy With Us

Red Sea Coral Reef

Corals look like organic plants, but in essence they are cup-shaped animal organisms. They depend on plankton and microscopic algae as food.

There are hard corals and soft corals? Hard corals are like the material classroom chalk is made of. They grow very slowly, like only one mtr(3 ft) in hundred years. Soft coral like colourful plants and small trees.