Hamata Islands

Our overnight menus also features a mini-break to visit to the Hamata Islands.

The Hamata Islands are in an area called Qul’an Archipelago. They have become the stomping ground for spotted eagle rays, black-blotched stingrays dolphins and dugongs.

The Hamata Islands are tucked away in the Wadi El Gemal national park in the southern Red Sea. The marine life in the lagoons is spectacular. During our two days of cruising the archipelago, you will find giant sea turtles, the banded dascyllus, the domino damselfish, the black-spotted pufferfish, the bi-coloured cleaner wrasse, the crown squirrelfish and the blotcheyed soldierfish on your way.

Photographers ad videographers will have two days of the time of their life with the fine collection of raspberry corals, bubble corals, brain corals and fire corals to be captured.


Cruising and sailing to diving and snorkeling sites is subject to weather and water conditions, the granting of authority permits and approval form governmental bodies.

Price Include :

Mask, fins, wights and life jacket
Snacks, Water and soft drinks
Transfer From Hotels/Airport

Price Not Include :

Dive equipment
Private guide
Any Extra