Sataya Dolphin Reef

Shaab Sataya, also Dolphin Reef for you, is part of the Fury Shoals system in the southern part of the Red Sea. An Mini-safari trip is a perfect get-away to become familiar with this very fine diving and snorkeling venue. Your underwater sessions here are not limited to just one!

Sataya is in popular demand with both divers and snorkelers to spot our friendly mammals in their natural habitat. Their home is a reef in the shape of a crescent, sheltering a large pod of spinner dolphins. Sometimes you can hear these dolphins ‘cry’ with their high-pitched sounds and whistles. By the way, please take into consideration that dolphins are wild animals. They are not like your house pets, so they do not just appear on command. Therefore, sightings or encounters cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Then you will experience from first hand, that Shaab Sataya has become the residence of green turtles and Hawksbill turtles, the Red Sea pufferfish, the bi-colour parrotfish, the cube boxfish, the clearfin lionfish, the bluespine unicornfish and the orangehead butterflyfish.


Cruising and sailing to diving and snorkeling sites is subject to weather and water conditions, the granting of authority permits and approval form governmental bodies.

Price Include :

Mask, fins, wights and life jacket
Snacks, water and soft drinks
Transfer From Hotels/Airport

Price Not Include :

Dive equipment
Private guide
Any Extra