Environment Awareness & Commitment


It is the ambition and commitment of 4EverSea to contribute to environmental awareness. The Red Sea is our past, our present and our future. We  cooperate in close harmony with HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association), the CDWS Chamber of Diving &  Water Sports and  governmental bodies. It is vital to support programmes, focusing on ecological and environmental awareness.

TurtleWatch Programme

We support Hepca’s so-called TurtleWatch programme. This programme is focused on the information of the distribution of the Red Sea’s turtles families.

Dolphin,Shark & Dugong Care

4EverSea contributes to the conservation of dolphins, dugongs and sharks. We brief our guests before they go on a trip to make them aware of the do’s and don’t’s. It enhances quality of life and a healthy population.

Beach & Bay Cleanups

We participate in scheduled and unscheduled beach clean ups. We alert our guests how to share our commitment for our precious waters and beaches. We tell our guests not to accept plastic bags at any time. It’s part of our programme to reduce the abuse of disposables and plastics. We regularly participate in awareness programs and in cleaning campaigns to liberate the Red Sea and it islands and beaches from non-ecological items, litter, debris and plastics.

Saving Energy

Where 4EverSea operates, lights are being switched of off-duty hours. It saves energy and it does not confuse the biological rhythm of animals.

Eco-Friendly Diving & Snorkeling

We at4Eversea promote eco-friendly diving. We advocate the use of eco-friendly lead weights. These are environmentally-friendly coated weights. They reduce the harmful impact of lead, seeping out into the ocean.

Many of us use sunscreen to prevent the effect of UV rays. These sunscreens have an active ingredient is harmful to coral reefs and marine life. Sunscreens are significant contributors to massive pollution.

You can play an important part in reducing the negative impact of sun blockers and sunscreens. “Reef Safe” is environment-friendly , ecological and natural sunscreen. It’s available on board our boats.