Dive Site: El Mina

Access: Boat

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Advanced Open Water

Depth Range: 10 - 32 M

El Mina


The Mina’s rests remain just east of Hurghada harbour. It was an Egyptian minesweeper, brought down by Israeli fighter jets in the late sixties. It is therefore of great historical significance.


The Mina measures 60 to 70 meters. The sea is relatively calm here but the visibility leaves room for improvement.


The site of the El Mina isn’t exactly marked by flourishing flora or fauna. Its not recommended to enter the El Mina through its blast-hole. It is tight and poorly lit.


Finding site: easy

Visibility: not great

Current: weak to none

Dive difficulty: easy

Photographic interest: medium

Marine Life: medium


Type of wreck: minesweeper

Wreck position: Hurghada harbour

Minimum depths: 10 metres

Maximum depth: 32 metres