Dive Site: Tobia Al Kabeir

Access: Boat, zodiac

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water

Depth Range: 15 - 18 M

Tobia Al Kabeir



Site Position

30 minutes cruising from Safaga ;halfway Safaga Island and Soma Bay.


Sea Conditions

Protected from waves and wind by Abu Soma. Gentle or no current, suiting all levels of divers.



Depth 15-18 meters. Large oblong reef with a chain of ergs, stretching southwards.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Pinnacles
  • Emperor angelfish
  • Red Sea bannerfish
  • Orange-striped triggerfish
  • Rusty parrotfish
  • Bluespotted rays
  • Sailfin surgeonfish