Dive Site: Daedalus Reef

Access: Boat

Minimum Divers: 10

Minimum Qualification: Advanced Open Water

Depth Range: 40 M

Daedalus Reef


Daedalus, also known as Abu Kizan, is a preserved marine park. It’s isolated and remote and respected for its strong currents. Therefore, diving the Daedalus is a challenge. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the fantastic display of fire corals, brain corals, leafy corals, raspberry corals and spiny row corals. One can descend to depths of 30 meters.


Daedalus attracts pelagic passages from barracuda, dogtooth tuna, jacks, sea turtles, black tip reef sharks, oceanic white tip sharks, hammerheads and grey tip reef sharks.


Daedalus is the residence of the clownfish, living in symbiosis with anemones. It is also a stomping ground for twin spot snappers, blue cheeked butterflyfish, schools of surgeonfish, fusiliers, bigeye trevallies, moray eels, manta rays and the majestic napoleon wrasse.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Spiny row corals
  • Leafy corals
  • Raspberry corals
  • Sohel surgeonfish
  • Blue cheeked butterflyfish
  • Twinspot snappers
  • Fusiliers
  • Spanish dancers
  • Sharks