Dive Site: Abu Sail

Access: Shore

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water & Snorkeling

Depth Range: 0 - 40+ M

Abu Saile 

Site Position

50 minutes cruising south of Port Ghalib. Wading in from the shore. Weak to gentle current. Excellent visibility. The site is exposed and perfectly fit for morning dives. Depth up to 30 meters. Entry through small hole in reeftop. The site is ‘open’ and is best visited in the morning hours. Landscape of so-called ‘pachyseris’. Bountiful fish. Tank feeling


Aquatic Panorama

  • Mushroom coral
  • Rose coral
  • Star coral
  • Red Sea bannerfish
  • Scorpionfish
  • Half- and – half chromis
  • Crocodilefish
  • Emperor angelfish
  • Bluespotted rays