Ever wanted to explore the Red Sea and learn how to capture your favorite moments?

Learn how to create stunning underwater videos & photos while diving with dolphins, exploring wrecks, caves and some of the most colorful corals in the whole world. Come join us in the Red Sea!


Whilst visiting some of the Red Sea’s most iconic and abundant dive spots, you will have the opportunity to develop and refine your underwater videography skills.
Theoretical and practical sessions, including aspects of conservation, safety, and wildlife protection, will allow you to apply your newly acquired knowledge on underwater videography directly in the field, or should we say “directly underwater”.

4 Days at the “Dolphin Reef”

The main focus of this Safari is to get you into the water to combine knowledge with hands-on practice in the wild.

Our goal is to motivate and encourage more people to get below the surface and record the wonders beneath for our generation and generations to come in order to create more visual awareness of a threatened ecosystem.


By participating in this trip, you will get a ticket to enter a reoccurring competition held on board. Applying the knowledge you’ll be acquiring during this trip, we ask all participants to produce a short 1-2 minute trailer-style video about their time onboard the 4Ever Sea, and under it. The entries will be judged by our team and the first-place winner will be awarded a prize sponsored by one of our partners, a certificate and will be mentioned on our social media channels with worldwide exposure.

Co-Hosted by Red Sea Experts and Underwater Videography Professionals

LUNATICS IMAGING – The videography experts

LUNATICS IMAGING (@uwlunatic) has become a synonym for the works of Luca Keller, an award-winning, half-German, half-Italian marine videographer with over 5 years of hands-on experience within the field. As a scuba instructor and videographer, he’s passionate about sharing his expertise with underwater lunatics alike and is doing so in his Book “Underwater Videography Black Book for Beginners”, his videography courses, and on his social media channels @uwlunatic & @thedivine.gallery.

4EverSea – Premium diving operator cruising the Red Sea

The perfect combination of a dream team and a Yacht, which you would never want to leave again.
With a width of 8m and a length of 35m, the MY 4Ever Sea frequently completes diving & snorkeling safaris and liveaboards trips to the finest venues in the Red Sea.

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime

Trip Itinerary:

09.12.23 – Check-In – Hamata Marina
10.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
11.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
12.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef

13.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
14.12.23 – Shaab Claudia
15.12.23 – Abu Galawa – Hamata Islands
16.12.23 – Hamata Islands – Hamata Marina
(subject to changes due to weather and local environment & authorities)

An insight to what you will learn:

We are welcoming videographers of all levels of experience, so we customize the content of the course and adapt it to your profile. But the general program will include and is not limited to:

  • Everything you need to know about underwater cameras
  • How to master your buoyancy and breathing techniques
  • How water affects color & light underwater and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to set up an underwater camera for videos
  • How to shape your raw files into a final video/movie
  • How to color correct your footage
  • How to produce content for social media
  • Understanding marine life behavior
  • How to approach marine life and how to record wild dolphins
  • How to work with models underwater
  • Introduction to photography + photography session

1,990 EUR

What’s included?

  • 7 nights in a shared 2-bedroom cabin with a private bathroom (possibility of upgrading to our Panorama Seaview Suite – ask us for details)
  • 3 meals a day (buffet) + drinks and snacks all-day
  • Digital Underwater Videography material
  • Underwater Videography theory sessions
  • Practical Underwater Videography training (all scuba and freedives with a guide)
  • Certificate of participation in underwater videography training
  • Free entry to a video competition at the end of the trip (price & cert. for 1st place winner)
  • Being featured on @uwlunatic Instagram Channel
  • Optional Freediving workshops (breathing techniques, warmups, safety, focus…)

What’s excluded?

  • Camera equipment (rental available)
  • Scuba equipment (rental available)
  • Diving insurance
  • Flights & transportation to the boat (Hamata Marina) (booking assistance available on request)

Note: Maximum number of participants for this trip: 20 people. If spots should be sold out, we will let you know and we will put you on a priority list for the next upcoming trip.

Trip FAQ:

Unanswered questions? Feel free to contact us.

Who is this trip for?

You are stunned by the overwhelming beauty of the underwater world?
This trip is for everyone with an interest in recording the wonders below the surface of the ocean.

Who can join?

You do not have to be a professional diver or cameraman nor is any previous knowledge of (underwater) videography needed.
Min. requirements:
PADI Advanced Level Certification (or SSI, CMAS…)
PADI Open Water Divers with a minimum of 25 dives.

What kind of diving?

The itinerary of the trip is designed for a streamlined learning environment. You will have the chance to practice your videography in caves (Shaab Claudia), on wrecks (Abu Galawa), on colorful and healthy reefs (Hamata Islands), and dolphins (Sataya dolphin reef).
According to the specific site, you will be either scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling.

What will you learn during this trip?

This trip will not only introduce you to the art of underwater videography but also make you a better and moreover confident diver.
Divided into theoretical sessions about the technical aspects to practical sessions in the field you will gain a base understanding of how underwater videography works. The goal is, that you will be able to record good-quality videos, no matter which camera you use.

Do you need to have a camera?

An own camera would definitely be good, but the rental of cameras (GoPros) is available. Other types of cameras might be available on request (Additional fees for camera rental). If you would like to buy your own camera before the trip, our team will be happy to support you with your buying decisions.

Do I need my own diving equipment?

You do not need to bring your own equipment. Rental of full scuba & snorkeling gear is available. (Additional fees for equipment rental)

Is it possible to bring divers who won’t be doing underwater videography?

Additional divers might be able to join on request, but as this trip’s priority is videographers, they will be handled with priority during the booking process. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further details for non-videographers.

Do you need previous free diving experience?

No initial freediving experience is required. We will include free diving safety procedures briefings for everyone interested in improving their freediving abilities. The place we will mainly be freediving/snorkeling is the dolphin house, where dolphins swim very shallow which won’t require you to dive deep at all.

How big will the groups be?

As for the theory sessions on the boat, we will conduct them all together in the salon of the boat. The practical sessions in the water will be split into smaller groups organized in a way, that there won’t be too many people on-site at the same time.

Will you see dolphins on this trip?

We can quite confidentially say, that you will have the chance to swim with dolphins. As the ocean constantly changing, we can never guarantee anything. Therefore we plan to stay 4 days at the dolphin site – chances are very high you will see them.

How Many people can join this trip?

We have 20 initial spots available on this trip. If spots should be sold out, let us know and we will put you on a priority list for the next upcoming trip.

Is this a pure scuba-Trip?

This trip is not specifically a scuba diving safari. Scuba diving is part of the underwater videography training sessions which consist of either free/scuba diving. For reefs, caves, and wreck dives we will be scuba diving. Dolphins will be mainly met whilst freediving/snorkeling.