Why choose this route?

Abu Ramada Gota/The Aquarium


Site Position

75 minutes cruising from Hurghada; southwest of Abu Ramada island.


Sea Conditions

Sheltered. Normally calm and comfortable. Little current, allowing all levels of divers.



Depth 0-15 meters, 40 meters at the outer ring. Oval shaped. Spectacular marine life. Oval-shaped reef. Known as the Aquarium. Cascading barain corals. Grottoes. Brilliant underwater photography and videography. Sun rays playing tricks with your experience underwater.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Raspberry coral
  • Brain coral
  • Bluestreak cardinalfish
  • Harlequin filefish
  • Whitebelly damselfish
  • Masked butterflyfish
  • Freckles hawkfish
  • Barracuda

Ras Mohammed


Ras Mohammed area is characterized by coral beaches located in the depths of the watery ocean of Ras Mohammed, colorful fish, endangered sea turtles and rare aquatic life. Landslides “earthquakes” formation of water caves down the island Aquatic Panorama

Aquatic Panorama

  • Pinnacles
  • Soft coral
  • Mountain coral
  • Lyretail anthias
  • Crocodilefish
  • Devil scorpionfish
  • Moray eel
  • Napoleon wrasse
  • Sea turtle
  • Crocodilefish Bluespotted rays

Rosalie Moller


The Rosalie Moller came under attack of two German Heinkel bombers in 1941 and disappeared to the bottom of the Red Sea, claiming two lives. The wreck wasn’t discovered until 1993.


It’s a difficult and challenging dive, due to the ever present current and winds and its depth. Visit only with favourable weather conditions


The Rosalie Moller is wonderfully well preserved. Much of the deck equipment is still in place and not looted.


The ship is covered in hard and soft corals. One can spot bigeyes and lionfish in numbers. The entire ship is now the domain of glassfish, cave sweepers, chromis and large trevallies.


Finding site: difficult

Visibility: fair

Current: demanding

Dive difficulty: hard

Photographic interest: good

Marine Life: medium


Type of wreck: coal freighter

Wreck position: Gubal Island

Minimum depths: 25 metres

Maximum depth: 52 metres




was built in Sunderland for the Albyn Line and launched in April 1940.  The vessel was privately owned but had been partly financed by the British government and was classified as an armed freighter. She was armed with a 4.7-inch (120 mm) anti-aircraft gun and a heavy-calibre machine gun attached after construction to the stern of the ship.

she went down during World War II at the hands of a German bomber.



Sea Conditions


Medium to high difficulty Current

It’s at a depth of 33 mtrs between Corals ( Ali reef ).



Dive requires


An advanced level of expertise and experience.



Aquatic Panorama


  • Soft and hard corals.
  • Big jacks,
  • Snappers,
  • Bannerfish,
  • Parrotfish,
  • The redmooth grouper,
  • Emperorfish,
  • Doublebar breams


This price includes:

Dive guides
7 nights full-board accommodation (or the last night at a 4*hotel)
Non-alcoholic beverages
3-4 dives per day (2-3 last day)
Tanks, weights
Local transfers

This price does not include:

Flights + visa
Surcharges (€60)
Rental Equipment
Alcoholic beverages
Crew Gratuities