Dive Site: The Bluff Point Barge

Access: Boat, zodiac

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water

Depth Range: 8 - 35 M

The Bluff Point Barge


This mini-wreck is known as the Gobal barge as well as ‘the wreck at Bluff Point’. It sank at Gobal Shaghir, north of Hurghada.


The remains are sparse and at a depth of 14 meters. Bonus is the hull, smothered in lively and surprisingly colourful corals.


The wreck at Bluff Point  has a dramatical appeal during night dives. When illuminated by torches, you’ll see nudibranchs, cuttlefish, octopus, giant groupers, schools of glassfish, crocodile fish, various crustaceans and moray eels. .


Night dives are very popular at Bluff Point and is the best time to witness the appearance of fire-red Spanish dancers contracting nudibranchs.


Finding site: easy

Visibility: good

Current: none

Dive difficulty:  easy

Photographic interest: medium

Marine Life: attractive


Type of wreck: patrol boat

Wreck position: Gobal Shaghir, north of Hurghada

Minimum depths: 13 metres

Maximum depth: 14 metres