Dive Site: SS Thistlegorm

Access: Boat, zodiac

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water

Depth Range: 18 - 30 M



The Thistlegorm went down during World War II at the hands of a German bomber. It resulted in the loss of nine lives. This wreck dive has a legendary status among Red Sea divers.  It is at a depth of 30 mtrs between the Sha’ ab Ali reef.


Diving requires an advanced level of expertise and experience. Its photogenic appearance is highly appreciated though. The warship is one big supply store.

The site offers fine growth and flourishing soft and hard corals. Big jacks, snappers, bannerfish, parrotfish, the redmooth grouper, emperorfish, and doublebar breams  are familiar fish at the Thistlegorm.


Finding site: medium to high difficulty

Visibility: good

Current: strong to very strong

Dive difficulty: medium to high

Photographic interest: high

Marine Life: medium


Type of wreck: cargo ship

Wreck position: off Sha’ ab Ali reef.

Minimum depths: 18 metres

Maximum depth: 30 metres