Dive Site: Mangrove Bay

Access: Shore

Minimum Divers: 6

Minimum Qualification: Open water & Snorkeling

Depth Range: 0 - 15 M

Mangrove Bay

30 kilometers from Qusier. Depth up to … meters. On the southside of a small bay. Sandy ravines with pinnacles. Primarily stony corals. The coral here tends more to stony varieties, with brain and other massive types in evidence. Fish life is diverse and plentiful, with surgeons, unicorns, groupers, emperors, wrasse and basslets in good numbers.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Brain coral
  • Whitebelly damselfish
  • Chiseltooth wrasse
  • Yellow boxfish
  • Spotted unicornfish
  • Peacock grouper
  • Mahsena emperor
  • Fairy basslets