Dive Site: Hamata Islands

Access: Boat

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water & Snorkeling

Depth Range: 5 - 20 M

Hamata Islands


The Hamata Islands are in an area called Qul’an Archipelago. They have become the home of turtles, clownfish, dolphins, rays and dugongs. Hamata is billed as the Egyptian Maldives, because of her sandy beaches. It has even become a bird sanctuary where ornithologists come to observe unique birds.


This is a remote liveaboard destination, tucked away as part of the Wadi El Gemal national park in the southern Red Sea. The marine life in the lagoons is spectacular.


You will appreciate the presence of giant sea turtles, the banded dascyllus,

the domino damselfish, the black-spotted pufferfish, the bi-coloured cleaner wrasse, the crown squirrelfish ad the blotcheye soldierfish. Photographers will have the time of their life with the fine collection of raspberry corals, bubble corals, brain corals and fire corals.



Aquatic Panorama

  • Brain corals
  • Bubble corals
  • Umbrella xenia
  • Crown squirrelfish
  • Scissortail sergeant
  • Domino damselfish
  • Whitetip sharks
  • Green turtles
  • Bluespotted stingrays