Dive Site: Abu Ramada South

Access: Boat

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Open water

Depth Range: 5 - 35 M

Abu Ramada South


Site Position

80 minutes cruising from Hurghada ; south of Abu Ramada Island.


Sea Conditions

Sheltered. Fair choice for all levels of diving.



Depth 5-35 meters. Lots of terraces. Famous for its eel garden. Shallow wall at the south. Coral settings shaped as a hill. Presence of an old safari wreck, perched on top of a garden of corals.


Aquatic Panorama

  • Serpentine saad coral
  • Leafy coral
  • Masked butterflyfish
  • Banded dascyllus
  • Orangehead butterflyfish
  • Snowflake moray