Dive Site: Brothers Islands

Access: Boat, zodiac

Minimum Divers: 12

Minimum Qualification: Advanced Open Water

Depth Range: 17 - 40+ M

Brothers Islands

The brothers are two peaks, emerging from the waters opposite the Red Sea coastal town of El Qusier.  They are rocky siblings, known as the Brothers Islands. The brothers are separated by 800 meters but they interlinked underwater.The bigger peak has a lighthouse were the Numidia went down.


The Brothers Islands are out in the open so they are bound to attract pelagic fish. An open sea is also guarantee for coral growth because of the generated oxygen. What we see here are mountain corals, broccoli coral and giant gorgonians. As for your daily dose of liveaboard fish, expect to see the emperor angelfish, orange striped triggerfish, lyretail anthias, moon wrasses, eyeshadow cardinalfish, red mouth grouper and damselfish.


Sometimes oceanic white tip sharks lurk around the corner, as do tresher sharks and hammerheads. It’s not uncommon to encounter sea turtles. They will allow you to approach quite closely, fearless as they are.



Aquatic Panorama

  • Mountain coral
  • Broccoli coral
  • Umbrella xenia
  • Moon grouper
  • Damselfish
  • Lyretail anthias
  • Oceanic whitetip shark
  • Giant moray
  • Nudibranch